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Athleisure, streetnic, activewear, outerwear, officewear, get a coffee with your friends - wear, blah blah blah - wear, etc. I think we can all admit these labels are getting ridiculous. When we launched our Kickstarter we noticed that everyone wanted to put us in one of these buckets and frankly, we weren't psyched about it. So we decided it was high time we defined our own bucket. We create smarter apparel.

The way we see it - the clothing you wear everyday is an expression of who you are. Brunswick Park is for a smarter crowd that demands more from their apparel.  As you'll see below, smart as it pertains to the smarter apparel we make at Brunswick Park, has as much to do with our customers as it does our products.


1. Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

“She made a smart purchase decision when she bought Brunswick Park”

Synonyms: clever, bright, intelligent, sharp-witted, quick-witted


2. Having functional qualities

“Each Brunswick Park piece is made of technical merino wool, a smart fabric that keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool, wicks moisture, and it’s machine washable.”

Synonyms: functional, technical, beneficial

3. (of a person) clean, neat, and well-dressed.

“You look very smart in your Brunswick Park jacket.”

Synonyms: well-dressed, stylish, chic, fashionable, modish, elegant, neat, dapper

4. Educated and informed.

“Consumers who purchase Brunswick Park are smart shoppers, they know where and how the products they purchase are made.”

Synonyms: informed, curious, educated, ethical


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