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Last week Brunswick Park appeared on the reality TV show, Project Runway: Fashion Startup. In the wake of our small screen debut we’ve gotten a flurry of questions from friends, followers, backers, etc. and in the spirit of transparency we have decided to answer them all. If we’ve missed anything below feel free to tweet to us personally @jesscascio and @cgarb and we’ll reply asap!

How did you get picked to be on the show?

Jess: A casting agent found Brunswick Park’s Kickstarter campaign and emailed me directly. This was probably the second day of our campaign and we had already pulled in around $50,000 so we were at the top of the fashion page on the Kickstarter site, making us really easy to find. I thought the email was spam until I did a little research (cyber stalking) on the individual that reached out to us. I agreed to take a phone call and thought, “okay, this might actually be legit.”


How did you prepare?

Jess: We rushed the shit out of samples. As I mentioned, we were recruited to participate in the show during our Kickstarter campaign, which meant we only had one very early (very terrible) version of our samples available. When we found out we were going to be on television and filming would start shortly we scrambled to get our next samples ready. What you saw on the show was the second version of these samples. We clarified this to the investors but that didn’t air. So when you hear us getting criticized for fit – that’s because what we are wearing are samples not final products. 

Chase: I did whatever my wife told me to do and I just relaxed. I wanted to be the calming force for her even though my plan was to be the muscle and rattle some cages. Obviously they didn't air this either (yea, let's go with that).

When did you film?

Jess: We filmed last Spring before we even launched the company. Which obviously effected the valuation we asked for.


What was that experience like?

Jess: You know when you’re so stressed you don’t have an appetite for like 3 days? That’s what the days we spent filming felt like. You need to remember that this show had never aired so we had no idea what to expect. I truly felt that this could be a make or break for my business and it shows in how nervous I was out there. I froze up quite a bit which is exactly why I brought Chase with me, to be my closer.

Chase: The experience was fun. I like doing new things that push you out of your comfort zone. I don’t know much about fashion and I know nothing about reality TV but I know how to pitch.  But this was more like theater than actual pitching so it was interesting to learn what the judges would respond to.



As a viewer, what did we miss?

 Chase: We pitched for over an hour and they had to cut that down to about 4 minutes for the sake of the show. You missed some of my best zingers and you missed the specific details surrounding the reasoning behind our $2.5 million valuation. 

Jess: You missed Katia looking wonderful and loving our women’s bomber jacket. You missed the clarification that these pieces were samples and not our final products. You missed the steps it took to get to our final ask.


Were you happy with your deal?

Chase: Yes. We haven’t seen many deals happening on the show so we are proud to be one of the few. We are very excited to be working with a brand like Rebecca Minkoff’s. We love Rebecca’s founding story and the adversity she overcame to build her brand. We respect that experience and look forward to learning from her.

Jess: We came in looking for a partnership and the support of an industry vet and I feel we got the best possible person for that job. I'm pumped to get going.

Would you do reality TV again?

Chase: Yes, but I'd want to know more about the show before I signed on to participate. 

Jess: I agree with Chase, we took a huge risk signing on to a show in its first season. I would do TV again if it means getting Brunswick Park into more hands. Also if Andy Cohen calls - I wouldn't hang up on him.

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I think your idea is the next thing. sometimes I am amazed how quickly they seem to shoot down ideas based on the fact that they think the owners don’t know what they are doing. see spanx… ;) you all are going to be the look for the young, urban professional – and maybe this older lady, too!!! Go. get. it.