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“Wool is really made for Winter, right?”

“Isn’t wool itchy?”

"Will I be too hot in it?"

These are probably the most frequent questions we get from our online community when considering our Tailored Merino Wool. In person, however the questions about our products are far different:

“This is wool?!”

“How do you get it to feel so soft?”

“I can really throw this in the washing machine?!

We thought it best that we take some time to answer your questions with 6 reasons why you should be wearing Tailored Merino Wool this summer and well, every season of the year:

  1. You’ll be the first. That’s right, Brunswick Park is the first brand to bring Tailored Merino Wool to market. So be prepared to get a lot of “woah, what is that made of?” and “where did you get that?” because you’ll most likely be the first of your friends to own this fabric.

  1. It’s anti-stink. We aren’t kidding. Merino Wool has lanolin and keratin properties which is natural anti-baterial and anti-microbial. This prevents bad odor so you can literally wear your Brunswick Park jacket for days upon days without needing to wash it.

  1. It’s machine washable. So when it is finally time for a wash you can skip the dry cleaner and just throw Tailored Merino Wool right in the regular wash. Just hang dry these puppies and you’re good to go. (Trust us we’ve tested them, a lot.)

  1. It’s moisture-wicking. The designers at Brunswick Park are sweaty people. It’s okay, they know it. So our Tailored Merino Wool had to be moisture wicking. This fiber actually pulls moisture away from you to keep you dry. (Now we just need to figure out how to regulate our upper lip sweat.)

  1. It’s a temperature regulator. Seriously. We all know that wool is meant to keep you warm but the breathability of our Tailored Merino Wool actually keeps you cool when it gets hot. (Actually, maybe we did solve the upper lip sweat issue!?)

  1. It looks damn good. What’s the point of creating an amazing fabric if you aren’t going to design stylish pieces for it? We’ve seen so many technical fabric brands pop up over the past few years and what we can’t understand is why they assume people who care about performance don’t care about style? All of our pieces Tailored Merino Wool because we want them to be exactly that, Tailored to you. All of our silhouettes are classic and oh so flattering.

Still not convinced? We are so confident that you’ll be obsessed with this innovative line that we offer free shipping and returns. Try out our blazers, bombers and hoodies and if you don’t like it just send it back for a full refund.

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