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Startups, the entrepreneurs who run them, and the venture capitalists who fund them, have become their own subculture. Manifested in Silicon Valley, this group lives a lifestyle that is aspirational to many of us. As such, they have inadvertently become a group of trendsetters. In fairness, these men and women never asked for any kind of style influence, but as money poured into their ecosystem, they became the tastemakers they never intended to be. 

We’ve seen a number of articles dissecting the “startup uniform.” Most recently, Business Insider’s Melia Robinson published a piece titled, “How the fleece vest became the unofficial uniform of Silicon Valley investors.” Robinson calls out the faux pas and states, “No one seems to know how the fashion faux pas turned into a staple, and yet, the fleece vest is inescapable in Silicon Valley.” To this we say, it’s time to escape.

So to all the investors, entrepreneurs, employees in SV and beyond- like it or not, we are watching your fashion choices. So consider this an open letter to you: It’s time to elevate your style and break free from the startup uniform. We know you don’t have a lot of time for decisions as trivial as what you’re wearing, so we’ve done the work for you.

Here are Brunswick Park’s 6 alternatives to the startup uniform:

The Men’s Edit:

(from left to right)

ISAORA - Insulated Stretch-Knit Overshirt - $285

COLE HAAN - ØriginalGrand Neoprene Lined Wingtip Oxford - $250

TUMI – Luke Roll Top Backpack - $395

MIZZEN + MAIN – Owens Gray Chino - $135

Illesteva – Milan III Tortoise Optical - $300

Pistol Lake – Heather Short Sleeve Henley - $36


The Women's Edit:

(from left to right)

Athleta - Cable Remarkawool Top - $84

COLE HAAN - StudiøGrand Weave Sneaker - $250

SENTALER – Wrap Coat w/Ribbed Sleeves - $920

Wilfred - Turquet Pant - $145

Caraa – Studio Tote - $195

Kit and Ace – Tie One On Scarf - $48

Like Brunswick Park’s collection, each piece brings style and function to your daily wardrobe to make getting dressed and staying comfortable easier than ever. With one less choice to make each day, you can focus on the decisions that will actually change the world. (Bonus: You'll look good doing it.)

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