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As a startup founder I am fortunate to meet many inspiring and hard working individuals. Cara Bartlett the CEO and Founder of Vetta is one of those people. We met and instantly bonded over the trials and tribulations of launching fashion Kickstarter campaigns (Vetta's first womenswear collection ran an incredibly successful campaign). Since then I've spent a good amount of time with Cara and each time I walk away and wonder how she manages to do everything she does with her business and still look effortlessly put together.

In the theme of the New Year, I asked her just that. Below Cara shares her productivity hack, which is honestly a lifestyle change, that she has been testing for the last 6 months. She gathered tips from a number of sources so you don't have to. I personally will be implementing this strategy ASAP. As far as looking as stunning as she does all the time, you'll have to check out the Vetta Capsule Collections for that (sorry guys it's just womenswear for now).


From Cara:

As the founder of a new startup, I found myself working crazy hours, having high levels of stress, and putting personal care (and relationships) on hold. All the while, I had this uneasy feeling that I wasn't doing enough, or wasn't working on the right things to move the needle in my business.


Then I created the following productivity process after listening to tons of audio books and podcasts about productivity from world class performers -- and took control of my life.


  • The first step is to set long term and short term goals for yourself personally (overall) and for your business (specific - 5 year, 1 year, and 3 month goals). Then, take the 3 month business goals and break them down into projects that are ordered by priority.


  • Each week, put the tasks from those projects on your calendar, literally hour by hour. You can plot out the whole week on Monday, or plan each day the morning-of. I know it sounds crazy, but it only takes 5 minutes per day, and you will actually save time by focusing on priorities and being strategic about your day.


  • Lastly, I recommend blocking off not only business priorities, but also personal priorities. I schedule a mandatory hour in the morning for meditation and exercise, and I’m not allowed to check my email until I’ve completed this.


You can wait until you’re not busy to do the things that are important for your business and yourself (which may never happen), or you can make time for it now.


I've implemented this process for the last six months, and I can honestly say I'm more productive, way less stressed, and have more time for myself and for investing in relationships. You may have heard a lot of this before, but the key is prioritizing your life consistently – and then watch as your life and business blossom!


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