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Wool and the winter season go together like coffee and a bagel. But, wool and working out seems like an itchy, sweaty, mess. But guess what? It's not. In fact, I'd rather attack my winter runs in wool than in any other material. 

Here's why:

Wool actually keeps you warm and keeps you cool. What the hell does that mean? It means this amazing material can actually adapt to your needs. How? We all know wool is warm but did you know it's also incredibly breathable? So when you start that outdoor workout it keeps you nice and toasty and as you turn things up a notch it allows your skin to breath. 

Wool doesn't stink. If you don't believe me come over and take a wiff of our Brunswick Park prototypes. We've put these things through the ringer with some long runs, sweaty plane rides, and many dance parties. And I will admit I have stuck my face in the armpits of these items and lived to tell the tale. It's like a Febreeze commercial (ya know after they spray that stuff around the room). This is awesome both for your own personal appearance but it also means you don't have to wash it nearly as often as other fabrics. Boo ya. 

Wool wicks moisture. You know all those fancy labels like Dri-fit, Cool-fit, etc.? Wool has been doing everything those materials claim to do for ages (they just need to come up with a fancy name for it - we'll get on that). This means if you are a sweaty exerciser (like me) you won't ever have that soggy feeling you get after a tough workout. I even recommend running in wool socks, especially if you like to run in rain or snow, your feet will stay dry and blister free. 

Obviously we are huge believers in wool at Brunswick Park but if you need more layers to complete your wool-fueled workout ensemble here's some other brands that have some great base layers, socks and even underwear that you should try:




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