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On a recent girls trip  my friends and I had the all-too-common experience of being stuck in the airport. After exhausting all our topics of conversation we started comparing notes on our favorite travel gear. Inspired by our discussion we decided to share some of our favorites:

  1. Bose QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones -  $299.95

    We’re Boston kids, so Bose will always hold a special place in our hearts (sorry Dre what are Beats?). Seriously though, just hitting the “on” switch of their noise cancelling headphones is enough to get you through any flight (especially one filled with bachelor/ette parties). The Quiet Comfort 25 headphones are available in black or white.

  2. Rebecca Minkoff’s Wendy Leather Belt Bag - $195

    After losing my passport in the airport I am finally giving in and adopting the new fall trend of a fancy fanny pack. The utility these bags offer for travelling through airports and nights out is pretty convincing. My search for a stylish one uncovered Rebecca Minkoff’s Wendy belt bag - it comes in “almond” and “white” for the fall.

  3. Cuyana Large Leather Zipper Pouch - $110

    One friend suggested that the perpetual traveler should always have their travel cosmetic bag packed and ready to go. We love this Cuyana leather pouch. It can be filled to the max with all your cosmetics for travelling and then double as a stylish purse at night. This Cuyana pouch has leather sourced from Italy and its crafted in the USA. We obviously favored their Oxblood option, but they have a variety of other colors available online.

  4. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask - $54

    These are a gift from god. Pop this under eye treatment on after a long flight (or night) you will look like you slept twelve hours...

  5. Tumi Kirtland Expandable Carry On – $625

    This is one of those see it to believe it types of bags. Tumi has finally crushed the style game with the “smoke character” print. It’s super compact, fits easily in the overhead storage but can pack a ton of stuff.

  6. Triple C Blu Cube  Bluetooth Speaker - $50

    Who knows when you will be asked to be the impromptu DJ during your trip away? I will immediately be including this tiny and stylin’ 2” by 2” Bluetooth speaker in my luggage!

  7. ADAY Throw and Roll Leggings - $125

    ADAY hails from a similar space that BP does: creating classic pieces to carry you throughout your day. They have some pretty awesome pants, including the blue throw and roll leggings, perfect to travel through the airport in.

  8. Triple C Charging Beauty Bar – $30

    Over the past month of travelling I have constantly had to fight for space at the cell phone charging stations in the airport terminal. I am investing in my own portable one finally… in fact I’m investing in this one as it can attach to my keychain and includes a handy side mirror to help me check my makeup while charging my phone.

  9. Icebreaker Cool Lite Spheria Short Sleeve Scoop T-shirt - $80

    Icebreaker believes in Merino Wool as much as we do. This ultra-modern, relaxed-fit merino wool T-shirt that packs as much style as it does comfort. It’s perfect for dashing from flight to flight, and just like our jackets, it’s quick-drying and odor-resistant.

  10. Brunswick Park Bomber - $199

    This is not a shameless plug! Well maybe it is… but… the bomber is one of the hottest jackets for fall. Our friends who have used the BP Bomber in the airport swear by it, saying it’s their go to travel jacket now.

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