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You don't want to be that guy at the airport. You know the one. The guy who looks like he rolled right out of bed and through security...yeah. Not good. We completely understand that you could have a long trip ahead but traveling in style doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. We promise. To help you out we pulled together our top picks to help you feel like you've got TSA Pre-check this Fall:

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones – $349
In-ear headphones are great for days on the go, but when you’re settling in for a long flight – or pull the seat assignment next to the loud sleeper – noise-canceling is the way to go. There are tons of options out there. And yeah, many are cheaper. Beats are cool, but Bose is the industry boss for a reason. Consider this an investment. And enjoy your nap.

2. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel – $85

There will come a day when ponying up for a $1,000 carry-on makes sense for you. Until then, consider the classic duffle from Herschel. It’s offered in tons of colors and can take the wear and tear of frequent fliers. Plus, the special pocket for shoes keeps everything tidy and in its proper place.

3. Squeeze Pod Single-Use Natural Toiletries – $2.79/3-pack

Know that moment when you hit the lavatory mid-flight and just feel … nasty? These handy single-use toiletries will help you freshen up up here and on land in the hotel. Available in shampoo, face wash, hair gel, even shaving cream. Bonus: They’re also great for the office.

4. TOMS Culver 201 Vintage Polarized Sunglasses – $179

You can’t fly without a good pair of sunglasses. You just can’t. Not only will they complete your classy-but-comfortable aesthetic, but they’ll help mask whatever shenanigans you got into the night before. Oh, and going shades down a mile high is a subtle way to tell your seat mates you’re going to do your own thing for a while.

5. J.Crew 484 Stretch Chino – $75

Resist the urge to rock sweatpants (you’re an adult, in public, after all) and opt instead for a pair of stretch chinos, like these. Aesthetically, you look smart and put together. But they’ll give you the extra breathing room to stay loose. Even in the middle seat.

6. Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne – $52

That giant bottle of Lacoste cologne you’ve had for five years? Yeah, not TSA-approved. Luckily, solid cologne is a thing now. And it’s amazing. Try the Clearwater from Fulton & Roark for a decidedly masculine mix of geranium, oak moss and fresh water. Pro tip: Switch it from your bag to your blazer pocket when you land.

7. Moleskine Voyageur Traveller’s Notebook – $22

One of the best parts of flying is the excuse to unplug for a few hours. For all the insights that occur when you’re not checking emails or Instagram likes, there’s this handy, travel-ready notebook from Moleskine. Make a to-do list, practice your cursive, plan your next business – this is for your eyes only.

8. Native Apollo Moc – $75

Traveling is all about marrying comfort and style – not unlike your day-to-day. For your feet, you want something light and breathable that works equally well with or without socks. The Apollo Moc fits like a slipper but will look just as good at the bar after you land. Win-win.

9. TImex Weekender Watch – $44

Do you wear a watch? No? You should really wear a watch. Because, honestly, you shouldn’t need to dig into your pocket just to check the time. And when you’re hopping from terminal to terminal and literally have a plane to catch, being on time is important. This one is clean and classy and very reasonably priced. It’ll also last forever. Which is nice.

10. Brunswick Park Blazer – $299

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a bit of a theme here, namely: You shouldn’t look like a slob just because you’re getting on a plane. There was a time when guys dressed up to travel, and while we’re not advocating for a three-piece suit, our blazer will stretch and manage moisture and heat all while looking like you’re going somewhere important. Even if you’re not.

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