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Let’s be honest, this was a long time coming.

Since our launch, we’ve gotten the opportunity to profile so many bad asses for Output Magazine and each time we interview someone we almost always experience a point in the interview when we think “damn, that would’ve been sick live.”

So, we finally got it together and are turning these profiles into a video series.

We promise you, just like our editorial profiles, there will be none of this patting each other on the back crap that we are constantly reading about in other business publications. We will continue to provide you with the real behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be an entrepreneur today. 

We will cover the daily battles, the rejection, the struggle, the discomfort, the hard lessons and the harsh realities that individuals face on the path to their goals.

For our first episode of Output we got to talk to George Foreman III.

Yes, GF3 is the son George Foreman Sr., the heavyweight boxer and “the grill guy.”  We chose to profile GF3 because we’ve watched as he’s grown his studio boxing gym EverybodyFights from one location in Boston’s Seaport to a franchise-able lifestyle brand and we felt there were a lot of misconceptions surrounding GF3’s success.

We sat down with GF3 to talk about the truth behind how he built EBF (no a bunch of grills didn’t fund the business), how he stays productive and balances his personal life (yes, I asked him if he’s single) with building a brand. He gave us some pretty candid advice and also a peek into the future of his brand.

Check out this sneak peek of episode 1 and sign up below to receive the full episode which hits this week (see what we did there?)!



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