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Last week Brunswick Park attended a “Millennial Mixer.” Don’t worry, we brought along our intern Christina to make sure we looked like we fit in. At the event, we realized a few things:

1)  We are really old.

2)  A lot of “millennials,” who are entering the workforce for the first time this summer, are struggling to wrap their heads around the professional wardrobe.

It’s not easy.  Every company has a different dress code from the non-existent to the full suit. We were happy to help those that we met in person last week and decided to write this post for the rest of you who may be looking for some guidance. Whether it’s your first internship or real job we wanted to get you started with the basics. 

Rather than write this one ourselves we turned to our intern Christina (one of your own) to pick her must-haves for any summer internship or job.  Here they are:

For the Guys:

1. Cole Haan Backpack $199 - Looking for something to make that commute a little easier? Check out this Cole Haan backpack to carry your laptop, notes, etc.

2. Sperrys $94.95 - Classic, comfortable and built to last.   

3. BP Mens Gray Hoodie $199 - Of course we had to include some BP but let's be serious moisture-wicking and anti-stink fabric is key for that transition between the heat outside and the A/C indoors. Have a dressier office? Check out our Men's Blazer

4. Gucci Aviator Sunglasses $260 -  Summer sun too bright? Don't spend on trendy shades that will be out by next season. Complete your professional look with these aviators. They may be a bit pricey but they'll never go out of style. 

5. Larsson & Jennings Black Watch  $315 - Shopping for a watch to go with your business casual outfit? This black watch is a simple look that can be dressed up or down.

6. Mizzen + Main Button Downs $145 - If collared shirts are a necessary evil in your office check out these technical fabrics - they are moisture wicking, stretchy, machine washable and wrinkle resistant (kind of like Brunswick Park :)

7. Vineyard Vines Pants  $89.50 - Try pairing your button down shirt with a pair of salmon colored pants for a preppier summer look.

For the Ladies:

1. Nordstrom Dress $88 - Looking for a business casual outfit that will keep you cool in the summer heat? We suggest this simple shift dress from Nordstrom. This dress is versatile and easy to carry in your gym bag if you need to. 

2. Henri Bendel Backpack $298 - Need a more functional bag for work? This backpack holds all of your items and it's also very trendy!  

3. Madewell Sunglasses $55 - We realize these glasses are on the trendier side but at $55 they are a great option.

4. BP Womens Black Blazer $299 -  We know we're biased but with the heat rising outside and the A/C pumping inside Merino Wool is the perfect choice to keep your temperature regulated. 

5. Necklace $24  - Outfit too plain? This necklace will dress up your look for a smaller cost.

6. Peaks Point Wedge $138 - To complete a look, try some Jeffrey Campbell wedges. This pair is simple enough to go with any outfit and comfortable enough for even the toughest commute.

7. Watch  $105 - Don’t want to wear a watch because it is too big and bulky? This watch from The 5th Watches is a great option if you're looking for something simple and classic.

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