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As you probably know, fit can make or break a garment. The way your clothing falls on your body can say a lot about your personal style and even your personality. So it was crucial for us to really nail the fit of our fall line. In the process of doing this successfully we learned about an occupation that we didn’t even know existed: fit modeling.

Fit modeling is exactly what it sounds like. Individuals are hired (yes hired and paid) to try on clothing for particular brands and provide feedback on the garment’s fit, drape, and visual appearance. So what’s so cool about this job? (Aside from telling people what you do for a living.) You don’t have to be what we think of as a typical model size or appearance to do it.

It’s all about having a body type that fits a particular brand’s target demo. Nike, for instance, looks for fit models who have a far more athletic build than say a high fashion brand. So just because you haven’t worn a size zero since the 5th grade doesn’t mean this isn’t something you could do on the side for a bit of extra cash. Go home and check your measurements.

There could be a brand looking for you! Including us.

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