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Have a guy in your life that is impossible to buy for or has an intimidating taste-level? So do we. So we asked Greg Gomer, Co-Founder at VentureApp, to help us out. Why Greg? Greg is the guy we are always asking "where did you get that?" He manages to find brands before anyone else (how do you think he found us?) and luckily he was willing to share some of his secrets with us. Here's his suggestions for the hipper men in your life at a number of price points:

1. Talisker 10 Year Old [$35.92] - This 10 year old whisky was an Editor's Choice at Whisky Magazine and was mentioned in both a Robert Louis Stevenson poem as well as Charlie Wilson's War (so you know it's good.)


2. The Myles Everyday Short [$58.00] - If you look good you'll play good in these shorts that can be worn to workout or with a button down. 


3. Nintendo Classic Edition [$59.99] - Nerd out and get nostalgic with the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. Super Mario anyone??


4. The New England Kitchen by: Erin Byers Murray and Jeremy Sewall [$39.95] - This will allow you to impress everyone with your culinary skills (and even if you don't it looks really good on your coffee table.) 


5. The Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket [$298.00] - This jacket is waxed which makes it perfect for the winter weather no matter where you are. 


6. Ball and Buck Deer Skin Leather Gloves [$92.00] - Another essential for the impending temperature drop. 


7. City Map Glass [$12.50-14.00] - Class up your scotch with this city map glass you can choose whichever major city you like!


8. Woolrich Felt Mill Loafer [$50.00] - It's time to formalize your nightwear. Seriously.


9. The Amazon Echo [$179.00] - Want to feel like Ironman? Get your house its own Jarvis with the Amazon Echo.


10. The Brunswick Park Blazer [$299.00] - Dress it up or down, this piece is a 3-season go-to.


11. Butcher Box [Boxes start at $79.99] - Every guy likes grass fed beef - just don't overcook it!


12. Hudson Sutler Dopp Kit [$50.00] - Look sophisticated in the locker room or while traveling. 


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