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It’s just the silliest little holiday.

That being said, we understand that some people think it’s fun (and for those of you dating those people...we are sorry).

Turns out however, that most people would rather something experiential than a physical gift.

So for those of you that want to show some extra love to your family and friends on February 14 - we’ve come up with a cheat sheet of experiential gifts organized by who you are buying for:

For your crush: DRIZLY

Not quite ready to be a normal human and ask your crush out for a drink? Send them a drink right to their doorstep. Maybe they'll enough you over to split the bottle with them.


For your girlfriend (that you aren't super serious with yet): DRY BAR

Blow drying your hair is a pain in the ass. A gift card to Dry Bar isn't just a nice little luxury it's a time-saver. This gift says "treat yo self!"


For your girlfriend (that is serious) or your wife: STUDIO FITNESS CLASSES

You really can't get away with this gift unless you know your girl pretty well and know which classes she's into. Otherwise you risk sending the wrong message with this one...tread carefully (see what we did there?) but if you know she loves CorePower Yoga add some classes to her package. 


For your boyfriend (that you aren't super serious with yet): BESPOKE POST BOX

Photo credit: The Apparatus Mag

Personalize this gift by choosing the box that fits your guy best. Is he into grooming? Booze? Cooking? Exploring? There's a box for every guy here for $55. [Ok, this isn't exactly an experience BUT getting the box will be]

Think you man have interest in honing his skills in the kitchen, with his camera, or meditating? Buy him a SKILLSHARE CLASS.


For your mom: LOVEPOP CARDS

Want to really impress mom this year? Take your card game up a notch and get her a Love Pop card. These little works of art say, "I put a shit ton of thought into this," and paired with a heart felt note is really all mom wants anyway. [Again, not technically an experience but get her to cry with your prose and you're golden.]


For your friends:  SKEDADDLE

Have you guys heard about Skedaddle? Okay, well this is just awesome, it's an incredibly easy and affordable way to plan an escape from the city. You basically choose your own pick-up, destination, and time and then you get picked up by a professionally driven luxury vehicle and ride. All you need is at least 9 other people that are headed the same way. (If you don't have 9 friends all you need is to be willing to meet some new ones.) 

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