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Join us for a movie screening & a panel Q&A session featuring Brunswick Park's Founder Jess Garbarino and the women entrepreneurs featured in Go Against The Flow documentary.

Go Against the Flow aims to empower young women with the support of those that came before them to swim upstream and create their dream jobs. There is no better time than now for women to pave their own paths to success.

The women of Go Against the Flow share their personal experiences with:

• Walking away from the well-trod path, even when it means forfeiting scholarships, tempting job offers, and the approval of friends
• Following their passions in male-dominated fields
• Knowing when the moment is right to make the plunge
• Failing and using failure as a roadway, not a roadblock to success

Co-hosted by

Featuring panelists Jessica Garbarino (Founder of Brunswick Park), Georgianna Oliver (Founder & CEO of Package Concierge), and Reshma Shetty (Founder of Gingko Bioworks). Moderated by Melissa Cohen(Managing Partner at Metis Communications)


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