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If you’re like me, you travel pretty often. I literally booked flights this morning while writing this. (So I guess if you’re really like me you both travel and multi-task.)

But I digress...

I dread traveling for work. Not because I don’t love the opportunity to see new places and meet new people - but because I dread being out of my routine.

Like many entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and those who are self-employed, I live for my schedule. Up at 5:00 a.m. working out by 6:00 a.m. and onto my day by 7:00 a.m.

This schedule is what keeps me mentally focused throughout my day.

Throw in a time change, a hotel gym or inclement weather and you can bet I’m hitting snooze and my day is completely thrown off. That is until my most recent trip when I discovered Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is an app (duh) that allows you to bring a trainer with you when you travel. I was skeptical that anything could effectively emulate the feeling you get in a studio fitness class. You know, when your trainer turns their attention to you and tells you to “turn it up a notch!” But something about that trainer in my headphones was actually really motivating.

The day I tested Aaptiv couldn’t have been more perfect – I was up early due to a time difference and forced myself to check out the hotel “fitness center.” It was dismal. One treadmill, two ellipticals (which I’ve never really used) and a stationary bike. They didn’t even have free weights. 

The treadmill was taken so I cruised through Aaptiv and found that they have elliptical workouts. I was able to pick the duration and the intensity of the “class” I wanted to take. Even as someone who was unfamiliar with the machine I was on the instructor clearly explained the buttons to push to stay on pace with her class.

The best part of the 30 minute class I chose? The music. I can’t overstate how important a good playlist is to my input during a workout and damn this was perfect. Right to the rhythm of the class. It completely held my attention and got me pumped up.

Did the other two gentlemen in said “fitness center” think I was nuts when I randomly burst out into sprints? Sure but I didn’t give a shit. I left that dingy little gym feeling like I had just taken a $30 studio class and ready to take on my day.

Boom. Aaptiv, well done, and for $9.99 a month, I’m totally in.   

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