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This seems obvious, I know. But I’ve run into far too many people in the startup world that feel they can’t pull themselves away from their work for anything – including a workout. To this I say, “get off your ass,” you will be more productive, focused and frankly more pleasant to be around.

Your business (and colleagues) will thank you.

Here’s why:

It’s an anti-depressant. 

I’m not saying you are depressed.

But starting a business can be like riding a roller coaster. When I’m reeling from the emotional highs and lows of running Brunswick Park, my husband always tells me to “get off the roller coaster.” You can’t survive for the long haul if you let your emotions get too high or too low. Exercising keeps me from getting too low. It’s literally an anti-depressant. Endorphins are real baby (why do you think fitness instructors are always so goddamn peppy?) and they can pull you right out of a bad day at work.

It’s “light bulb moment” producing.

We’ve all been there – staring at our computers waiting for the light bulb moment, that stroke of genius, that’s inevitably going to save our business to happen. Close the computer, stand up and work out. Seriously. You know all those amazing benefits of meditating? Well exercise is a form of meditation and for those of us who suck at meditating (read: me) it’s a great way to reap its benefits. Think about it – if you are out for a jog you literally can’t multi-task – leaving room for that genius idea to make its way into your brain.

It keeps you on a schedule.

That snooze button is such a saucy little minx. So easy to press and enjoy more dreaming – less producing. So sign up for a pricey gym class, one that won’t give you your money back if you miss it. That’ll get you up and at ‘em. Do this enough and it will become routine. Before you know you’ll be done with your workout and feeling accomplished before the rest of the world is even awake. (Cue air first pump.)

You’ll also be more tired when it is time to go to bed. So you’ll be far less likely to lie awake thinking “how the F am I going to hit my numbers this week,” because frankly your body will be too tired for that. You’ll wake up better rested and prepared to figure how the hell are you going to make those numbers.

While there are many options for pricier workouts in gyms and studios you don’t need to spend a dime to make this lifestyle change. Just a pair of sneakers and probably some headphones. If you need a little more motivation and direction but don’t want to spend a ton of cash check out our review of Aaptiv as well as the following options:


So what are you waiting for? Back away from the code (yeah, I’m talking to you devs) and grab your sneakers.

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