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Daryn Carp is the woman behind one of the most beloved TV personalities in pop culture today (and possibly ever) - Andy Cohen.  In fact, when Andy decided to step away from Bravo TV to build his own production company, Most Talkative, Daryn was so valuable to him that he offered her the opportunity to leave with him to "take on the world."

Daryn took that leap of faith and is now Most Talkative's Chief of Staff. She still hosts at Bravo as well as its sister channel Oxygen while managing Andy's Career and her own. Her list of titles and responsibilities is overwhelming so to say she manages her career like an entrepreneur is an understatement. 

In this episode of Output we get a look into Daryn's day-to-day, ask her about how she has handled the changing media landscape and where she plans to be 10-20 years from now (her candor and honesty may surprise you!) To anyone who has had a very specific dream for themselves this will be extra-motivational. 

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