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We couldn’t find a fabric that met both our performance and style demands – so we created it.

Our Tailored Merino Wool bonded material, brings the best from the world of performance textiles to tailored pieces. Our products are machine washable, anti-microbial (think: no stink), moisture wicking and basically self-ironing. It is like nothing you’ve ever worn or felt.

  • Doesn't Stink Doesn't Stink
  • Wicks Moisture Wicks Moisture
  • Easy Care Easy Care

Screw dry cleaning.

We know you’re busy so each Brunswick Park piece was designed to make your life easier. That’s why our fabric is machine washable. Just throw your BP in the wash with like colors and hang dry them. Our fabric can be self-ironing if you give it time to hang but if you’re in a rush each piece is completely iron-safe.

We let you behind the scenes.

It is important to us that you know where your clothes come from so you can make smart buying decisions. Brunswick Park is made in Hong Kong by one of the most innovative and technologically advanced manufacturers in the world. Our factory employs skilled artisans with years of experience in tailoring and a reputation for working with textiles made for extreme conditions. Check out more about our factory visits here.